A section map/Intro



5 Responses to “A section map/Intro”

  1. Jette Ramsh Says:

    We used the book during our trip round the islands. Very good informations and directions to the different places.

  2. Brian Cone Says:

    Are there any google(or similarly interactive) maps that have all the North waypoints on them?

  3. Chris Says:

    So far our favourite walk in Northland was on Urupukapuka Island. OK, it’s NZD20 return from Russell, but it’s an iinteresting ride and there’s a reasonable chance of seeing dolphins. I took at least 3 times as many pics there as on 2 circuits of Whangaruru Head North. You can walk the whole island perimeter in 4-5 hours, taking in numerous beaches, cliffs and fabulous views of mainland and other islands. There’s even a wetland viewing hide, which makes for an interesting spot of bird-watching.
    It’s not off the beaten track, but it’s got to be the best walk in BOI.

  4. time2adventure Says:

    Wanted to see if it would be worth it to go to waitomo caves or not. I’m not too keen on it because it’s so touristy and have been really enjoying caving around in all the rest of the suggestions in this book. What ya think?

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