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My attempt here is to have the most complete and organized collection of NZ photographs so that you can both plan and then execute the BEST NZ trip EVER!!

Cheers, scott


7 Responses to “Post #1”

  1. Criss Says:

    Hey Scotty, im very happy having Visited your outstanding Blog. Im going to visit NZ end of 2014 for 4 Weeks (both, South and northern Island). Im just planing MY Route and im extremly Scared to miss something. Im shure your Blog will be very helpfull for me!

    Many thanks and Kind regards from Germany!


  2. Soo Says:

    Visited here for saying I love your book!!!!!!!!! My travel will be amazing 🙂 THanks a Lot.

  3. Doug Says:

    One correction for the C1 web site (Aroha Island). You have a typo in the book it is Love the book too.

  4. Marc Muylaert Says:

    Bought the North book a few years ago and just started planning my October trip, just found this site! Great! Thx for the work!

  5. ellenrp Says:

    We have been using your book for the last two weeks travelling round the North Island. It is brilliant. We love it. We have been to lots of the places as we have travelled through the Coromandel, down to Napier, up to the Mahia peninsula, back top Napier then down to Wellington and now back to Napier. My brother lives in Napier and he has also enjoyed your book and didn’t know quite a few of your places. We would recommend your book very strongly to anyone who enjoys the outdoors.
    I would suggest you add New Chums beach in the Coromandel, a great beach and only accessible by a rocky walk.
    Ellen & Mike from UK and Ian from Napier

  6. Carol Wright Says:

    scott, can we use a photo or two of yours for our “drive along 309” story for Coromandel life? We can refer/link to this page about the Castle Rock climb or ??? What is your full name? the magazine is Coromandel Life, the Road Trip section. you can find it online and look at it…holiday issue does not have the RT, but previous issues do.
    Thanks, Carol

  7. Hamilton Pruim Says:

    Hi, looking forward to using your book on our visit in a week’s time, been reading it and I have a general question. When you refer to gravel roads (not those you say need an offroad or other vehicle) are they likely to be accessible in a 7.4m motorhome please?

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